Sunday, 18 September 2016

Lil' Einsteins

Its school time at Hardknock Elementary with Ms Dawn and we were learning so much but we stopped and took a picture of our super cute outfit we were wearing to show all of you, its from Viva Kids at Color Me Cute.. also if you need school supplies get them from Color Me Cute from Viva Kids as well! The supplies is a gacha!! Thank you Ms Dawn for letting us use your classroom for this post, it was perfect!
Skin: .tsg. Rei Skin X Tone
Shape: No Longer Sold - Exclusive
{ Clair de Lune } - Love Circle Lenses Blue
Outfit: [Vk!] Outfit Lori @ Color Me Cute
Supplies: [Vk!] School Supplies @ Color Me Cute
Gacha Key:

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