Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Shabby Princess

Omg, look at this new bedroom set *AR* has released.. its new and super cute, 100% mesh.. you just have to have it! The rocking unicorn is a group gift.. so be sure to join that group! The set comes with everything shown in pic.. lots of awesome animations! 6 colour options!

Bedroom: * AR * - Bedroom Set Kids - Shabby Princess

If your looking for that dream bedroom, then this will be yours! Every little girl will dream of a shabby princess bedroom!

Animated furniture:
- Bed (2 different sizes: Toddler, Kid/Teen) 9 LI, with animations upon 3 people (2 children 1 grown up). Changing texture through menu.
- Vanity table: 9 LI, with animations for 1 child and 1 grown up. Changes texture through menu.
- Activities chair: 1 LI, with animations for 1 child.
- Pegasus: 3 LI, with animations for 1 child.

You can play SLpoly with your dollies at the activites table or Dominoes.. just click the table. You can also eat, drink and chat by clicking the chair.

Also.. there is a room for the adults to match the childrens bedset.. Sold Separately!

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