Thursday, 27 April 2017

Stay Wild

This outfit is from Baby Burp for Shop Hop for the May round which opens on the 6th, its super adorable, and comes in lots of different designs, only 100L while the event is going, afterwards it will jump up to 299L! Happy Shopping♥

Shape: Custom
Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE
Hair: [monso] My Hair - Ruda

Outfit: {BB} Wild Child @ Shop Hop
Shoes: ~Dream. Keds

Just Can't Right Meow

Go to BoWillow today and get this awesome sweater.. 7 different colours and only 99L$ each! TD Baby & Kid sizes.. Its too cute to not have! Sneakers are from Paper Damsels available for Shop Hop May Round! They are so cute and laceless! If you visit every store on the Shop Hop hud you will recieve an Shop Hop Prize! Exclusive from Paper Damsels.. which is 5 pairs of non denim laceless sneakers!

For those who don't know what Shop Hop is, it's a monthly event that opens the 1st of every month! All items are 100L$ or lower! Be sure to join the Shop Hop group in world to get the hud and also more information! You can find the Shop Hop Headquarters HERE!

Shape: Custom
Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE
Hair: tram G0220 hair

Shirt: :BoWillow: - Can't Right Meow Sweaters
Pants: { Blush. } Meghan Leggings
Shoes: paper Damsels - Slip on Sneakers @ Shop Hop

✰Dream Party✰

BoWillow has made this super cute and dreamy bedroom set, that you can find at Gacha Guardians, there are 12 commons and 1 rare to collect! Also 2 gifts of The Guardians which are exclusive and some free gifts of people in the Gimme Gacha group! The bed holds up to 8 avatars... There are 3 set ups, either all kids, all grown ups or half kids, half grown ups.. Its a great family bed and awesome for those family get togethers, or sleepovers! The bed also has story time, and sleep time poses. The pillow fight pillows have flying feathers that you can have on or off, and you can also swing them at people around you, Just click the avatar you want to hit! If you are looking for that new bedroom with lots of poses to hold up the whole family, this is the bedroom set for you!

Shape: Custom
Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Lizzie

Outfit: .gypsy heart. Cathy Silk Jammies - (Past BeBe Bundle Item)

Furniture: :BoWillow: Dream Party Gacha @ Gacha Guardians

Gacha Key:

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Playing in Purple!

Muddpuddles has released this amazing playhouse.. It's so cute and seats 2 children, lots of adorable animations! You can change dirt texture for dirt pile or sand pile! Shirt is from Lazo and its just what every kid needs for everyday use.. available at the mainstore.. 15 different colours on colour change hud! You can find the shoes at Color Me Cute from Tiny Trinkets.. they are so cute and includes a colour change hud!

Shape: Custom
Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE
Hair: tram G0220 hair

Shirt: ~Lazo - Airlie Top
Shorts: {ud} Romance Shorts
Shoes: {T.T}Angel TD sneakers @ Color Me Cute

Playhouse: Muddpuddles: Rainbow Playhouse

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Nothing Is So Beautiful As Spring

Clair de Fleur has made this amazing super cute outfit for Color Me Cute.. Wildflowers and Clair de Lune collab! Gacha of complete cuteness!! TD Baby & Kid sizes.. be sure to play the right machine for your size!

Shape: Custom
Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE
Hair: tram G0303 hair

Outfit: {Clair De Fleur} Spring Gacha @ Color Me Cute

Gacha Key:

Bunnies for Sale

Lazo has made this super adorable outfit and its available at Ninety-Nine! Pattern and Uni packs! 15 colours included in each pack.. and you can mix and match how you like! Baby & Kid sizes! You can find the pacis at Color Me Cute from Wildflowers.. Gacha of 11 commons and 2 rares! Only 50L a play! Pose is from Tiny Gems, you can get it at the mainstore.. Its so cute!

Shape: Custom
Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE
Hair: [monso] My Hair - Momo

Outfit: ~Lazo - Alex Tee Dungarees @ Ninety-Nine
Paci: {WF} Farmyard Paci Gacha @ Color Me Cute
Pose: {tg.} - Bunnies for Sale!

Gacha Key:

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Fiesta Time!

The Epiphany is open and you can find all this awesome stuff there from Clove & Juniper! 2 different gachas! One is a Fiesta time gacha and you can win adorable cactus plushies and drinks and so much more, the rare is fiesta puppets, its a typer and just so cute! The other is an Amour Gacha and lots of cuteness you can win.. TD baby & kid sizes! Both gachas also have a gacha exclusive!

Shape: Custom
Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE
Hair: pr!tty - April - {Short}

Outfit: {Juniper&Clove} Amour Gacha @ The Epiphany
Fiesta Items: {Juniper/Clove} Fiesta Time @ The Epiphany

Gacha Keys:

Gacha Exclusives:

Friday, 14 April 2017

Bring on the Rain!

Boogers & Paper Damsels made these super super cute raincoats, great for those rainy days! You can get at Color Me Cute which opens midnight slt! Boogers made a boy version with pants and a tee and Paper Damsels made a girl version with a dress! Comes with color change huds! Umbrellas are also texture change, just click them for a menu!

Shape: Custom
Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE
Hair: pr!tty - Em

Outfit: (PD & <:*BoOgErS*:>) Rainy Day Outfit @ Color Me Cute

Basketful Of Goodies

Little Stars is back open! \o/ They have made these awesome Easter baskets and they are available at the mainstore.. It's a gacha of 10 commons and 2 rares.. rares include mix n match huds! Everyone needs a Easter basket for hunting eggs! Outfits are from Wishes at Color Me Cute.. 5 different colour options and comes in both TD baby & kid sizes! If you didn't know already, there is a awesome egg hunt going on and you can find these mouth eggs and mouth chicks from Paper Damsels!

For Egg Hunt Locations click HERE!

Shape: Custom
Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE
Hair: *barberyumyum*92

Outfit: .Wishes. ~ Nicole @ Color Me Cute

Mouthies: Paper Damsels - Mouth Egg/Mouth Chick (Eggz Hunt Items)
Basket: * {.:Little Stars.:} * Easter Basket Gacha

Gacha Key:

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

All girls want to have fun and we had so much fun in our bouncy castle today.. we even blowed up some balloons! In this post we are showing off this adorable outfit from Clove.. Its a gacha at Ninety-Nine and you can Mix n' Match how you like.. Only 50L$ per play! We would also like to show you our beautiful necklace and earrings, they are so cute and from Tiny Trinkets available at ATP, comes with a hud for color changing! Headbands are available at Hello Beautiful from Finch, Also a gacha with no rares!

Shape: Custom
Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE
Hair: tram G0303 hair

Outfit: {Clove} Bebes Wanna Have Fun Gacha @ Ninety-Nine
Jewelry: {T.T}Lovebug jewel set @ ATP
Headbands: .:Finch:. Spring Is Here Headband @ Hello Beautiful

Gacha Keys:

Shark! Dun Dun DUNN!

This bed from Buglets is so cute and you can get it at Ninety-Nine.. Available in Blue or Pink! Lots of animations for 1 kid, 2 kids, or parent & child! We are also featuring Juniper in this post.. Cute outfit available at Ninety-Nine.. perfect to wear on those lazy days that we all have sometimes! You can find the headband we are wearing at Hello Beautiful from Breaux Jr. Its a gacha of 8 commons and 1 exclusive rare just for the event! Headbands are unisex and look good on any size avi!

Shape: Custom
Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE
Hair: Doe: Polly

Outfit: {Juniper} Lazy Days @ Ninety-Nine
Headband: Breaux Jr. Hipster Headband Gacha @ Hello Beautiful

Bed: ~*Buglets*~ Shark Bait Bed @ Ninety-Nine

Gacha Key:

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

So Much to Play With!

So much cuteness in this post from many different stores.. Get these super adorable overalls from Clair de Lune at Ninety-Nine.. perfect for playing in and includes a hud to make overalls and shirt clean or dirty.. hud also has many colour options for the shirt!
 Shoes are from Plum and you can get a pair or two at the mainstore.. lots of cute different options to choose from. 
Babysteps has made super cute glasses for Hello Beautiful, 10 different colours available and fatpack also available.. 
The easel is from Muddpuddles.. mainstore release and animations in both chair and easel with props.. texture change hud to make easel have paint splatters or keep it clean! Click the canvas for a texture change menu to choose what you want to paint!
Toys are from Boogers available for the Bloom event which opens April 15th! Gacha of 10 toys and no rares! Duck makes funny duck sounds when you walk with it and Popball walker actually pops when you walk, also ring stackers can be clicked to make messy or clean!
Lastly the mobile is from Wishes available at Once Upon A Child, click to make turn and click again to turn off turning! So cute to hang over your bed or crib or just over anything you like!

Shape: Custom
Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE
Hair: .Olive. the Steffi Hair

Outfit: { Clair de Lune } Playtime Overalls @ Ninety-Nine
Shoes: [P]  Creach
Glasses: {Babysteps} The Cats Meow Glasses @ Hello Beautiful
Bandaids: [BOX] Scraped Knees
Easel: MuddPuddles: Little Painter Easel
Toys: <:*BoOgErS*:> Bloom Toys @ Bloom Event
Mobile: .Wishes. ~ In the Clouds Mobile @ Once Upon A Child

Gacha Key:

Monday, 10 April 2017

Pillow Fun

Before turning out the lights we had a quick pillow fight and it was so much fun.. We got to wear our new pajamas from Paper Damsels and Boogers.. they did a collab on them and are available at Ninety-Nine! 5 sets each with 4 different patterns and 13 cuff colours! 

Shape: Custom
Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE
Hair: [monso] My Hair - Ruda

Outfit: (PD & <:*BoOgErS*:>) Pyjamas @ Ninety-Nine
Slippers: {WF} Animal Slippers

Come Fly Away!

Buglets has made a bedroom set and its adorable.. Feel like you are in the clouds when its time for bed! The bed has animations for 1 kid, 2 kids and parent and child! You can get this bedroom at The Play Room.. It's a gacha of 12 commons and 1 rare! 

Shape: Custom
Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE
Hair: *barberyumyum*92

Outfit: {BB} My BellyButtonBubble PJ

Bedroom: ~*Buglets*~ Come Fly Away Bedroom Gacha @ The Play Room

Gacha Key:

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Closet Cuteness

Aura's has made this cuuute closet set! It's a gacha at The Play Room! 19 commons and 3 rares! It's just to cute not to have and you can hang up your clothes as you wish!

Closet: {Aura's} Little Miss Closet Gacha @ The Play Room

Other Furniture: 

Tapestry: * {.:Little Stars.:} *  Tapestry - Sloth
Luggage: +Half-Deer+ First Class Kitty - Luggage - Princess
Suitcase: +Half-Deer+ First Class Kitty - Open Suitcase - Princess
Rug: MuddPuddles: Petals Rug
Kitty: +Half-Deer+ First Class Kitty - Luxury Toys - Snow
Phone: ~*larnia*~ blather telephone
Ducks: <:*BoOgErS*:> Duckies

We Didn't Do It!

 Uh oh! Who made this mess? It wasn't us! Noooope! In this post we are featuring Wishes! Cute Art shirts at ATP, there are 3 different shirts and each shirt pack comes with a artist palette and two paintbrushes, One for behind the ear and other for the mouth! Shirts are TD Baby & Kid sizes! Also our shoes are at Ninety-Nine from Wishes.. the event is unisex this round so each shoe pack includes bow or no bow options! Shoes are also unrigged and resizable, 16 colours to choose from and only 59L$ each pair or you can buy the fatpack which has 32 different options! WOW!

Shape: Custom
Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE
Hair: .Olive. the Steffi Hair

Shirt: .Wishes. ~ I Love Art @ ATP
Pants: {Petite Bowtique} Leah Jeans Sky
Shoes: .Wishes. ~ Chucks @ Ninety-Nine

All the Bunny Ears!

We decided to have our baby sister Macey in this post.. Isn't she just so cute?! Cute table set from Buglets, you can find it at the mainstore! If you haven't got it on Friday for 50L$ you can still get it for normal price! Our super cute outfit is from Tiptoes, Baby & Kid Sizes and many colours to choose from! Are you still looking for bunny ears for easter?! You can get the ones we are wearing at Sweet Heart Designs! 2 packs and each pack has many colours! Easter Baskets are from Junk Food available at The Play Room! Its a gacha of 9 commons and 3 rares! They are also animated!

Twins are Wearing:

Shape: Custom
Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE
Hair: tram G0303 hair

Outfit: . tiptoes - Vintage Spring Dress
Bunny Ears: S<3 BunBun Ears

Macey is Wearing: 

Outfit: By Hanta - Lil Bunny Outfit

Table & Chairs: ~*Buglets*~ Bunny Table & Chairs
Basket: Junk Food - Easter Basket Gacha @ The Play Room

Cupcake Date

Out in the awesome spring weather eating our yummy cupcakes! You can get the cupcakes at Junk Food. 12 to choose from and transfer so perfect for gifts.. everyone loves cupcakes! Super cute Ooutfit is from Clove, available at the mainstore... 8 colours to choose from! Baby size only! Also be sure to stop by The Play Room and play that tiptoes gacha.. cute lil tennis shoes, gotta have your spring shoes! 10 commons and 2 rares! Tiny Trinkets has made a beautiful necklace and its available at the mainstore... Baby & Kid sizes and also Adult! The pose is from Tiny Gems at the mainstore, stool included and its the cutest pose so you just have to have it! Happy Shopping!

Shape: Custom
Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE
Hair: [monso] My Hair - Wendy

Outfit: {Clove} Katie
Shoes: . tiptoes - Rose Canvas Tennies Gacha @ The Play Room
Necklace: {T.T}Rosie Necklace

Cupcakes: Junk Food - Cupcakes
Pose: {tg.} - sweet as sugar - 2

Beautiful Sunday

Grab this cute outfit if you haven't already at Buglets mainstore! 6 colours to choose from and each colour includes 4 pairs of jeans! TD Baby & Kid sizes! Also, Easter is coming fast and you can make your nails look super cute with Paper Damsels Easter Nails.. you can get them at Hello Beautiful on the 10th! 

Shape: Custom
Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE
Hair: pr!tty - Juno

Outfit: ~*Buglets*~ TD Lily Outfit
Nails: Paper Damsels - Easter Nails @ Hello Beautiful

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Our Kite!

We are about to go fly our kite and we are so excited! First we wanted to show off this adorable dress from Pillows.. its for Shop Hop! TD Baby size only. Many colour choices to choose from!

For those who don't know what Shop Hop is, It's a monthly event that opens the 1st of every month! All items are 100L$ or lower! Be sure to join the Shop Hop group in world to get the hud and also more information! You can find the Shop Hop Headquarters HERE!

Shape: Custom
Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE
Hair: pr!tty - April - :Short:

Outfit: [P] Pillows, Springful Dress @ Shop Hop

Hangin' Out!

Loving our new bed from Breaux Jr. It has so many fun animations! Animations for parent and kid or two kids! 6 commons and 1 RARE.. Rare being the bed.. commons are super cute book shelfs! You can find this gacha at Thimble! Yummy StarPops available also at Thimble from BoWillow.. 6 common colours and 1 RARE! Outfit is from Lazo for Shop Hop! Includes hud for texture changing! Shoes are also a Shop Hop Item from Petit Macaron.. many colours available! Also they have a prize.. cute panda slip ons! 

For those who don't know what Shop Hop is, It's a monthly event that opens the 1st of every month! All items are 100L$ or lower! Be sure to join the Shop Hop group in world to get the hud and also more information! You can find the Shop Hop Headquarters HERE!

Shape: Custom
Head: *TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE
Hair: tram G0303 hair @ Uber

Outfit: ~Lazo - Cece Romper @ Shop Hop
Shoes: { petit Macaron } Slip on Shoes @ Shop Hop
StarPops: :BoWillow: StarPop Gacha @ Thimble
Furniture: Breaux Jr. - Dream Gacha @ Thimble

Gacha Keys:

Woodland Bedroom Set!

This bedroom set is from Little Miss, its available at the mainstore.. Its a gacha of 16 commons and 1 RARE! Bed includes parent and kid animations! This bedroom is just too cute and if your looking to change up your bedroom, this one may be for you!

Bedroom: {Little Miss} Woodland Bedroom Set

Gacha Key: